Bumper Sticker Artwork

Bumper Sticker Artwork

Submitting your bumper sticker artwork isn’t complicated, however by following some basic rules your bumper stickers will look the best they can. We realise not everyone is a designer, if you can’t create your own art, please send us an email outlining what you are after and we can help create your dream bumper sticker (additional costs may apply)!

Design Rules

  • PDF, EPS and AI files are the best! We can use these simply and effectively.
  • If your file is a JPG or contains JPG’s, please make sure they are high resolution. 300dpi+ is best!
  • If you are using Illustrator or similar to create your artwork, please outline all type.
  • If certain colours are critical to get correct, please designate them using Pantone Solid Coated Swatches.

Colour Accuracy

  • Where colour accuracy is crucial, please designate colour as PMS swatches. Please note that PMS swatches have been used in the comments box when ordering your stickers.

Calculator Guidelines

  • Width – this is the overall width of your sticker. Measured from the widest points of your sticker
  • Height – measured from the most bottom point of your sticker to the very top of your sticker.
  • Matt or Gloss? – Gloss will have a shiny reflective surface, whereas Matt will have a duller lower sheen surface.
Bumper Sticker Artwork Guide

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