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Geelong Mobile Mechanics Custom Sticker

Custom Bumper Sticker

This Custom Bumper Sticker for Geelong Mobile Mechanics is printed on Gloss UV vinyl. It measures 150mm x 50mm, by using simple graphics and contrasting colours it is a very effective bumper sticker!

ICTV Laminated sticker

Laminated bumper sticker

This is a heavy duty laminated sticker made for ICTV. The laminate gives the sticker excellent UV and abrasion resistance properties, meaning it will look good for many, many years to come. Its size is 200mm x 60mm.

Effective Communication!

When creating your artwork, try and keep it simple. Think, where will your sticker be seen? How long for? Generally a bumper sticker will be seen briefly. There is no point have a lot of words that no one will read. Keep your message short and try an use hierarchy to make your text stand out from the rest of the sticker.

Printing Process

All of our Bumper Stickers are printed digitally using the latest technology to ensure we provide the best product we can. We use High Quality ‘Stocks’ and ‘Laminates’ to ensure longevity of our products, our stickers are made to withstand the tough Australian Climate and will give you years of use.

Byng Street Standard Sticker

This Standard Bumper Sticker was created for Byng Street, using one of our standard sizes 200mm x 60mm.